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Welcome to Orthodynamics, where we get your body back in balance for improved athletic performance and overall well-being. We use the latest tools to diagnose and correct problems in the spine, hips, knees and feet caused by misalignment of the body as you walk or run.

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Hip problems:
Misalignment and improper movements can exacerbate underlying conditions like arthritis. Improved posture from proper alignment of the hip with the rest of the body can reduce these stresses and strains.
Knee issues
Knee pain comes from multiple sources, from stress on bones, ligaments and tendons to actual injuries in those areas.
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Foot issues
When the foot is in proper alignment with the rest of the body, the result is efficient movement. When it is misaligned, discomfort and even injury can result.
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Back issues
Improper movement and poor posture and alignment can cause the tissue between the vertebrae to become inflamed and push out beyond the vertebrae, leading to nerve pain.
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Patient Testimonials


Caleb Sturgis

“The orthotics help even out my leg length discrepancy, and since wearing them my hips have felt great. The pressure from every step feels evenly distributed throughout my feet. I would strongly recommend this product to everyone.”
Kicker for The Miami Dolphins.

Chad Weller

“As an Ultra runner I will run up to 100 miles in a race. Having Orthodynamics custom orthotics has helped improve my running and walking with maximum support. It fits right into your shoe and gives noticeable support and comfort with no sliding.”

Professional Ultra Marathon Runner.


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